16 Basic Boxing Tips


Stay calm and hit the pocket more easily so you can do more laps, hold your shape, and punch. This allows you to get high-quality pocket work in minutes. You want to have energy to hit the pocket with the right shape and keep your strokes sharp instead of spending most of your pocket work panting and panting to show that you have “heart.” Do not waste energy on the bag – nobody cares.
Train only when everything fails. Get tired, sweat, and push yourself a little more every day. If you go to failure every day for no reason, you’re likely to overreact and stop boxing very soon.
Drink lots of water. At least one cup per hour!
Find friends in the gym, be modest and ask people for boxing tips. If another boxer hits you, ask him how he did it. You’ll be surprised how helpful he can be to show you your own weaknesses.


Turn your whole body into a punch. If your feet are slow (most people have slow feet first), you’ll find slower beating is actually harder than faster beating. In other words, beat as fast as your body can turn so you do not sacrifice power. Use your whole body again instead of just your arms to hit.
Cast short hooks, short over cuts and short rights, but long bumps.
You do not always have to throw a knockout after the other. Combine light and hard strokes and use head movements to trick your opponent. Remember, the harder you try, the harder you get hurt. Calm down and throw the hard blows if you know you’re going to land.
Never forget to go to the body. Try a push on the head and the right hand on the body. When you are very close, lean your head inward to stifle it and throw 2-3 body punches.
Throw a maximum of 3-5 punch combinations. You do not need 10-punch combos – all you have to do is consume your energy and leave it open for you to switch. Do not practice this first.
Exhale when you hit and always look at your target when you hit. Do not hold your breath and do not look at the floor. Learn to keep your eyes open during the heat of battle!
Let go of your hands! Do not wait forever until your opponent beats you all day. Throw something, even if it does not land. Keep it thoughtful and keep your eyes open for more punching opportunities.


Stay calm and never stop breathing. If you panic, ask others to slow down so your mind and body can catch up.
Keep your hands up, your elbows low, and move your head.
Do not waste energy in the ring, just take one step and get out of the way if your opponent is overly aggressive. Imagine being a matador who swerves out of the way while the cop misses. Do not forget to hit him back.
Do not sit back and keep an eye out for your opponent when you strike (which is especially difficult for most beginners). Build up your ground and defend it with hard counters. Swing so that you are not countered.
Do not always wait for your opponent to finish before you fight back. Break his combos and beat him! Too many fast fighters try to block all incoming punches they can never counter. Let go of your hands